Unmasked: Corporate Fascism

Unmasked: Corporate Fascism

  • History erroneously teaches that fascism is the political system of a totalitarian dictatorship.
  • Fascism is more of an economic than a political system, created by a combination of the interests of the state and large capital imposed by force.
  • The new world order is a “reform” of the personal into corporate property, and the global corporate-fascist order excludes any form of independence, personal property and free will.

Occupied Serbia is a textbook example that not only people belong to the corporate-fascist state system – but also their children, and posthumously also bodily organs.

Author: Periša Reljić

Unmasked: Corporate Fascism

Politically correct history erroneously teaches that fascism is a political system of dictatorial organization. Totalitarian control of the state is exercised by the state monopoly over capital, so fascism is an economic rather than a political system.

Fascism is by definition a combination of the interests of the state and big capital, which is imposed on the population by force. The key method of functioning of the totalitarian system is a monopoly: over education, information, personal property, health and people’s lives.

The new world order imposes a “transparent transition” of personal and state property into corporate possession. The global corporate-fascist system excludes any form of independence, personal property and freedom of will, choice and speech.

No matter through lobbying, corruption or blackmail, multinational corporations put puppets in power whose only goal is corporate profit. By amending the law and violating the human rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the population becomes collateral damage to the corporate-mafia system.

  • Like any dictatorship, corporate fascism begins with the abolition of basic human rights. Under the guise of political correctness, conspiracy theory or media censorship – the first to be hit is freedom of speech.

The global corporate-fascist system automatically excludes any form of independence, personal property, freedom of will and choice. By increasing taxes and fees, competition to big capital is eliminated, which transforms its privileged position into a predatory monopoly.

The impossibility of countering unfair, privileged competition “reformes” personal, state and public property of international corporations. Industry, energy systems, arable land and livestock become the property of foreign companies – which is financed with citizens’ money.

Along with the “reform” of society, the corporate-fascist monopoly over information, food, health and personal life is expanding. The omnipotent state mechanism abolishes basic human rights, taking totalitarian control over people even in the sphere of family life.

Not only the private property of people, but also their families and children become the property of the corporate-fascist system. The culmination of the perversion of the morbid minds of globalism is the law according to which even human organs after death belong to the state.

The matrix of our lives is made up of a series of lies, presented to us as indisputable truths – one of those illusions is personal property. The theory of private property falls into the water when we realize that instead of being owners – we are just tenants of our house, apartment or car.

A proud slave who regularly pays a racket (tax, tax) to the state can enjoy “his” property. The moment the payments to the corporate state stop – the illusion of ownership disappears along with the seized property.

  • A school example of corporate-fascist ownership not only of property, but of people, children and posthumously their bodily organs is occupied Serbia.

From the cradle to the grave – the citizens are owned and under the totalitarian control of the omnipotent corporate-fascist state. The mechanism controls which viruses will be injected into the newborn’s body, has a monopoly over education and total control over every aspect of life. Physical death does not bring liberation from slavery to the corporate-fascist state – to which, according to the law, human bodily organs belong posthumously.

The corporate-fascist system can not only prohibit a child’s schooling by law, but also has the power to destroy the family. With the enactment of the new laws, not only have violent vaccination, euthanasia and human organ trafficking become legal – but also legally binding.

  • Concentration camps, slavery and apartheid were also legal.

The mind of a slave asks, “Is it legal?” The mind of a free man asks, “Is it right?”