Slaves, in capital letters

Slaves, in capital letters

  • The matrix of our lives is shaped by a set of lies presented to us as indisputable truths.
  • One of these illusions is that we are not slaves.

Author: Periša Reljić

Slaves, in capital letters

Every person by birth becomes a free human being, with guaranteed rights and freedoms – in theory. The practice is a little different, hidden in the forgotten term of Roman law, to the public (un) known as “Capitis Deminutio Maxima”.

Birth also marks the beginning of a person’s slave status. By registering in the birth register, parents report the new product to the state as a legal subject of taxation. The name of a person written in capital letters on an ID card, passport, driver’s license, fine or court summons is not a sign of respect by the state, but of the state’s ownership of the product.

  • “Capitis Diminutio” is a term from ancient Roman law whose literal meaning is shortening (reduction) for the head.

The legal meaning of the term refers to the loss or denial of a person’s status. Under Roman law, there are three degrees of loss of status – Minima, Media and Maxima. The minimal loss of status referred to changes in family relations, the medium to the loss of citizenship and family membership, and the famous Capitis Diminutio Maxima meant the loss of freedom, citizenship and origin.

The world system of law, which derives its basis from ancient Roman law, treats all citizens around the world with the status that slaves had in ancient Rome. Capitis Deminutio Maxima – maximum loss of status still in practice treats people as slaves, even in a literal sense. The slave-owning system, which is still ongoing, began the final phase of enslavement in the 1930s, with the help of the banking sector. Known in our country as JMBG – the unique personal identification number of citizens is nothing but the serial number of a human product.

The state uses its citizens as a pledge of borrowing, whose owner it became at the moment of birth and by entering it in the books of births – in capital letters. Simply put, in order to obtain a loan, a state transfers ownership of its citizens to another state or bank as a guarantee. The only difference between a free man as a natural person, and a legal entity owned by the state, thanks to Capitis Diminutio Maxima, is hidden not in small – but in large letters of the name.

The flourishing of slave-owning treatment is the result of the artificially created world economic crisis in the first half of the last century. People will reach their maximum slavery status by throwing cash out of circulation and chipped electronic money, which will remove the last illusion of alleged freedom. The state, which owns its citizens, is run by politicians who are owned by banking cartels and multinational companies.

  • Human beings are just a product of taxation neatly recorded in the records of slave owners – in capital letters.

Strawman theory, also known as “Strawman illusion” is a pseudo-legal theory prevalent in alternative movements, such as sovereign citizens, tax protesters, free people on earth and “Off the Grid” – an independent and self-sustaining way of free life.

The theory adheres to the basic ideology that humans are free beings, recognized by law as physical rather than legal, and therefore without their consent cannot be treated with slave Capitis Diminutio Maxima status. Strawman’s theory, which teaches that people are not slaves or property of states, banks and companies, is expected to encounter media satanization and ignorance of state and judicial bodies.

  • The state, banking cartels and multinational companies that own all this do not need free people, but slaves owned by them, and:

“The best slaves are those who are not even aware of it”