The AI files – Painters become redundant (read my lips: Precariat)

The AI files – Painters become redundant (read my lips: Precariat)

First time published:  May 5, 2019
  • At a recent auction in New York, a portrait of Edmond Bellamy sold for $ 432,000, which would not be a problem if Edmond Bellamy was not a painter but a model in a painting “painted” by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Artificial Intelligence, as the “author” of this portrait, used an algorithm and a database of 15,000 portraits painted between the 14th and 20th centuries.
  • With the entry of VI in the field of art, painters joined an increasingly numerous group of professions that were the collateral damage of the fourth industrial revolution.

Author: Periša Reljić

The AI files – Painters become redundant (read my lips: Precariat)

The artwork “Portrait of Edmond Belamy” was sold at the recent auction of the New York gallery “Christie”. The portrait, originally valued at a modest $ 10,000, sold for $ 432,000 – twice as much as the most sold-out painting by a local artist such as Paja Jovanovic (“Snake Tamer”). The fact that such a high price was reached by the “artist” who first appeared in front of the audience should not surprise us if we know that the author’s name is “Obviously”.

“Obvious” is the name for a Parisian art collective that “painted” the first masterpiece of the High Intelligence (AI) using an algorithm that processed 15,000 artistic portraits created from the 14th to the 20th century. To generate “his” image, the algorithm compared his work with those in the database of artistic portraits until he could make a difference. This is the first “masterpiece” ever sold at a painting auction.

  • The insolent intrusion of “artificial” – or perhaps more correctly Virtual Intelligence – into the field of art turned painters into a technological surplus and collateral damage of the fourth industrial revolution.

According to a study conducted by the University of Oxford, by 2030, a third of the most common jobs will be taken over by robots with V.I. “Drive”. The renowned American “bloomberg report” recently pointed to the fact that robots have the potential to replace more than half of the workers in the SDA (United States of America) in the coming years. The most endangered professions, which include taxi drivers, factory workers (popularly called “diapers” in our country), cashiers in the market, waiters, journalists, lawyers and doctors, are now joined by painters.

Numerous scientists and billionaires – including names such as Elon Musk and Mark Cuban – have been warning about V.I. The danger not only of the misuse of Virtual Intelligence for war purposes, the possibility of “preventive” nuclear war (due to an error in the algorithm) are still much more benign than the billions of people who will be transparently reformed into Precariat – by the elite called “useless class”.

The term “precariat” is derived from the words “précaire” (unreliable) and “proletariat” and means people with the lowest incomes, those who work part-time on a seasonal job or in the gray sector. The position of these people does not allow them to ensure their economic and social independence “- Olga Chetverikova

At the visible top of the global system is the plutocracy, which, by manipulating democracy and puppet governments, creates a civil society according to its needs. Paid labor (salariat) is in charge of imposing and functioning of the system, and precariat as a “class of useless” is (increasingly numerous) collateral damage of the New World Order.

Precariat as a relatively new invention of social engineering means an increasing number of people whose survival is endangered due to material insecurity. The simplest explanation of the precariat is a comparison with the proletariat – the former working class without possessions and property, which worked for mere survival. The difference is that “moderate Proleters” (Precariat), apart from property and possessions, will not have a permanent job due to deindustrialization.

The trademark of precariat is insecurity, temporary work with a low salary and no rights, and the whole “class of the useless” is easy to manipulate due to the economic threat. Deindustrialization as one of the levers of globalization, by designing a global economic collapse (Global Currency Reset), “reformes” the middle class into precariats.

The New World Order (Globalization), which has the ultimate goal of total and totalitarian control of all resources “Precariat” with all painters together, of course) sees it as technological redundancy. And the plans of the “globalizers” (elite) for the “class of useless people” are best evidenced by draconian punishments and new laws that are unanimously voted in parliaments around the world according to the “copy-paste” pattern:

“Law Adopted: Vaccination Mandatory for All”