NATO: Vaccines as Weapons – The RAND Strategy of Modern Bio-Genetic Warfare

NATO: Vaccines as Weapons – The RAND Strategy of Modern Bio-Genetic Warfare

  • Vaccination has become mandatory by law, justified by the alleged “collective immunity”, which is becoming a global trend.
  • The domestic institute for virology, vaccines and serums “Torlak” started the production of “third generation” (DNA) vaccines in 2013.
  • Genetic Modification of human DNA is becoming a world standard not only for vaccines, but also for an ever-expanding range of human foods.
  • The “trifle” that the media and experts hide from the public is part of the RAND strategy:

Author: Periša Reljić

Advanced Biological Weapons: Targeting a Specific Genotype

In April 2015, the Serbian Parliament adopted amendments to the Law on “Protection of the Population” from Infectious Diseases. The supposed representatives of the people unanimously decided that forced vaccination is a “democratic asset”, thereby violating basic human rights guaranteed by the Constitution (Article 25).

The near-simultaneous passing of similar laws in Australia and the US made forced vaccination a global trend. A similar fate is shared by the inhabitants of the countries of the former Eastern bloc, which are now under the forced administration of the NATO pact.

  • The pharmaco-mafia lobby uses the sci-fi term “herd immunity” as justification, but the whole story has a much darker background.

RAND: “Pax Americana”

(Project for the New American Century)

  • The concept of world rule “Pax Americana” was conceived as the total domination of the US over the rest of the world. In the “Project for the New American Century”, the RAND Corporation laid out the strategy on which world rule will be based.

In addition to the modernization of the armed forces, the domination and control of the world Internet (Control of Cyberspace), one of the key weapons is the strategy of transformation of conventional forces. The morbid minds of the creators of the “Project for the New American Century” in their project of modern warfare include an advanced form of biological warfare – by targeting a specific genotype.

..conventional warfare will be conducted in the future, including the use of microbes and “advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes.”

The genotype that RAND refers to in the strategy of modern warfare is the set of all the genes of an organism, with the hereditary instructions for the formation and functioning of the body. The transformation of conventional weaponry into an advanced form of biological warfare – exposed as targeting a specific Genotype is known as “ethnic biological-weapons”.

Also known as a “biogenetic weapon” (Ethnic bioweapon), it targets a Genotype specific to a certain national (ethnic) structure without danger to members of other ethnic groups. Back in 1997, the then US Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, made a report on the concept and consequences of using this type of weapon.

In November 1998, the British “Sunday Times” wrote about Israel’s plans to make an “ethno-bomb” made of a biological agent that targets only the Arab population. Although claims of the existence of such weapons were subsequently dismissed by the mainstream media, the technology has advanced considerably since then.

Philanthropic math: CO2 = P * S * E * C

  • Depopulation as one of the primary goals of Agenda 21 (2030 UN) has a wide arsenal of invisible weapons. The solution to global warming and reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere was clearly presented by one of the leading “philanthropists” of EUgenics, Bill Gates, with his famous equation:

CO2 = P * S * E * C

Bill Gay’s equation implies a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, where one of the factors influencing the formula “must go almost to zero”. In the now famous equation, “S” stands for servicing each person, “E” stands for energy, “S” for carbon (necessary for breathing), and “R” for people. Those who doubt which factor of the equation must go almost to zero, should remember the statement of the philanthropist Bill Gay that “using vaccines we can reduce the population of the planet by 10 to 15%.”

Additives to human food, such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and Aspartame (Aspartame) are proven to be harmful, but are increasingly present in the diet. Hormones used during livestock breeding (for faster growth) are consumed together with the meat we eat on the table.

Genetically modified food is the “heavy artillery” of the RAND project of modern warfare using microbes to target a specific Genotype. Numerous studies have directly linked the consumption of Genetically Modified food with sterility, fetal defects, but also with the occurrence of cancer, heart, kidney and liver diseases.

DNA manipulation: third generation vaccines

  • The domestic institute “Torlak” started the production of third-generation vaccines back in 2013. The so-called “third generation” vaccine is a product of bioengineering designed to insert the protein form in the recipient’s cell, with the possibility of modifying the original DNA.

DNA vaccines work on the principle of reverse transcription, which occurs naturally in the genetic communication of the body’s cells. A plasmid made by bioengineering and inserted into a vaccine damages the cell envelope in order to activate the immune system after being inserted into it. The genetic sequence of an animal – usually cattle – is used as a vector for DNA vaccines. pig, dog or rabbit.

Although these vaccines are easier to produce in large quantities, the safety of their use has not been proven. Their use increases the risk of allergic reactions (anaphylactic shock), but also facilitates the Genetic Modification of recipient cells.

The RAND Corporation, in one of the key segments of the project to modernize warfare, envisages the transformation of conventional forces into much more effective and less visible methods of micro-biological weapons.

  • An advanced form of targeting Genotype characteristic of a certain ethnic (national) structure becomes the perfect method of destroying the enemy’s manpower.

Bombs are no longer needed, vaccination is mandatory by law, and the best thing is that no one will be accused of genocide.

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