Davos 2018: AI, Smart Grid and “Sustainable Life” in the Globalist Gulag

Davos 2018: AI, Smart Grid and “Sustainable Life” in the Globalist Gulag

First time published:  January 7, 2018
  • This year’s ritual ceremony of the globalist elite and party commissioners of the New World Order is traditionally held in the Swiss village of Davos, from January 23 to 26.
  • The themes of the ritual in Davos are the malignant products of globalization: Artificial Intelligence, smart network, the problem of human rights of gays in illegal migration and “sustainable life” in the globalist Gulag.
  • Judging by the pace and declining resistance, Agenda 21 of the United Nations will end the subjugation and networking of the world’s population before the deadline set for 2030.

Davos 2018:

Artificial Intelligence, Smart Grid and “Sustainable Life” in the Globalist Gulag

Author: Periša Reljić

The Swiss village of Davos will traditionally host a not so small group of 3,000 members of the globalist elite and party commissioners of the New World Order from the 23rd to the 26th this year as well. Among the announced guests are not the names of the heads and presidents of the leading 900 international corporations, realistically far more powerful than the presidents of states and governments presented to the public as “leaders”.

  • The presence of the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandra Vučić, also testifies to how dark the atmosphere in Davos is.

The official working title of this year’s ritual in Davos is ” Creating a common future in a broken world “, which, incidentally, became broken precisely by the activities of those present who announce the creation of a common – and of course bright future. Posing in front of journalists and so-called work panels with a benign theme are just a mask for a real Agenda, which will, as before, be agreed at meetings behind closed doors.

Topics include artificial intelligence, smart grid, a new era of responsibility for personal data, the Internet of Things, the problem of the human rights of gays in illegal migration and, of course: “sustainable living” of the 2030 Agenda.

A working panel branded with ” It’s time to fix the farming mistakes of the last century ” under the guise of producing enough calories for a growing world population brings a new way of growing food – of course with the help of macrobiotic digital technology. Meat will become a luxury, and those who see the population as cattle from the top of the pyramid will feed it with animal (integral) nutrition. One of the novelties is the so-called “data-based” decision-making, and farmers will no longer decide when, what and where to sow, but will make all decisions instead – look at the miracles: artificial intelligence software, committed to optimizing and connecting consumers with producers food.

A panel with the working title ” How to catch a criminal using only a millisecond of audio recording ” is in charge of justifying illegal eavesdropping and interception of electronic communications of the world’s population . Citing the example of a fraudster who deceived the US Coast Guard several times during 2014, globalization commissioners from Carnegie University have developed voice analysis software, of course – based on artificial intelligence, which can accurately determine speaker characteristics using milliseconds of audio : height, weight, facial structure, age, socio-economic status, income level, even their mental and physical condition. Let us note once again that this is only one millisecond (thousandths of a second) of human voice analysis from intercepted electronic communication.

  • On the margins of the topic of rituals in Davos, the statistical data ( Oxfam report ) was mentioned that 82% of the world’s income went to the richest 1% last year – while half (3.7 billion) of the world’s population earned literally nothing.

Among the topics was the “Ponzi ‘Scheme” pyramid fraud called the pension system. The title of the problem ” 3 challenges for preparing the world for retirement ” brings, of course, a saving 3 solutions for naive people who have believed in the real existence of these couples all their lives by paying pension insurance. The announced problem of “lack of coverage” of the pension fund ( Lack of coverage ) will be solved by pension reform and the division of work “teaching people about personal finance”.

The topic ” 7 problems that will shape the humanitarian Agenda in 2018 ” under the guise of humanity brings the continuation of the implementation of the Kalergi plan and the settlement of Europe by illegal migrants from Islamic countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. If we remember that Soros alone set aside 18 billion dollars for the settlement of 6,000,000. migrants to Europe – and only for 2018, we will understand that Kalergi’s idea of ​​guiding the creation of a joint (pan-European) government that will rule one “pan-European” nation created by mutual interference of Europeans, Asians and Africans is not far from realization.

A special topic of mass migration to Europe is the recognizable mantra of the Brussels “gaystap” – the human rights of gays in illegal migration, to which the working panel of the heartbreaking title ” Forgotten Twice: The Untold Story of LGBT Refugees ” is dedicated . According to the old folk saying “everyone keeps his own”, we should not be surprised by the participation of the leading “leader” of this God-forgotten part of Europe, with a generous donation of “Botox” for lips and Vaseline – for something else ( to love without hurt ).

  • The globalist elite in Davos is celebrating the fourth industrial revolution, where in the realm of artificial intelligence, robots replace people in the workplace – as soon as workers reform overnight into Precariat , a class of useless and redundant people.

The term “precariat” is derived from the words “précaire” (unreliable) and “proletariat” and means people with the lowest incomes, those who work part-time on a seasonal job or in the gray sector. The position of these people does not allow them to ensure their economic and social independence “- Olga Chetverikova

As an emerging industry, Davos announces trade in personal data of Internet and social network users, which is estimated to exceed the market value of 1,000 billion euros in two years (new era of data responsibility: Personal data value could reach 1 trillion euros by 2020 ). The globalist elite and political commissars of the New World Order announce the inclusion of artificial intelligence in governments, corporations and society by mentally preparing citizens to spread AI at the expense of human extinction.

One of the highlighted topics is the text ” Can AI prevent suicide? “, Who, through the heartbreaking story of a 14-year-old from Miami, publicly admits that the world’s leading social networks use their users as laboratory rats to test the artificial intelligence algorithm. Not only personal data is misused , but also posted emoticons, webcam recordings, photos, virtual assistants ( siri, cortana ) as well as psychiatric screening tests that are performed on users secretly using artificial intelligence.

One such example is the Google search engine , which without the user’s knowledge runs an algorithm for detecting depression ( PHQ-9 ). We find a similar abuse of users on Facebook, which allegedly launched artificial intelligence software that analyzes and profiles two billion people – without their knowledge, due to a live suicide stream.

Agenda 21 codewords: “smart”, “5G”, “AI” & “sustainable”

  • The new order is designed as a system of total control of the world’s population, which is responsible for the (mis) use of technology.

The key word in Agenda 21 (2030 UN) is the word “Smart” – a term that means networking “smart” devices that communicate with each other – without the knowledge of the people who “use” them. The technologically generated, but invisible network of communication is a monstrous child of the American military agency DARPA , for whose account the CIA founded the company ” In-Q-Tel ” in 1999, which is responsible for the pandemic of “smart” technology.

The global “smart grid” is based on digital information and communication technologies in order to collect data not only on the supply and consumption of electricity, but all areas of human life down to the smallest detail. The alleged “sustainable life” is a totalitarian form of control over all areas of human life: from behavior on social networks, through the purchase of electronic money to the most intimate health data and the current state of human organs suitable for “voluntary donation to a foreign investor.”

In his text for this year’s Davos ritual, the vice president of Cisco Systems Inc. Maciej Kranz promotes that the so-called “Internet of Things” ( IoT ) will reach mainstream proportions by 2020. Utopia, presented as a “world in which not only people but also things are connected”, clearly specifies the autonomous communication of “smart” devices (not from a needle to a locomotive, but from a phone to a car) which use 5G technology to enable continuous monitoring of all people with a chip. from the apartment, through the workplace, transportation all the way to the health care system, where medical workers will have the most personal data of all patients available 24/7.

The advantage of 5G technology over the previous ones is that due to the speed of data flow it will enable real-time monitoring of billions of people , and this will be controlled – look at the miracles: by artificial intelligence (AI), whose algorithms and profiling of social network users will determine what we will eat – or not, whether and how long we will live – or our bodily organs are urgently needed by some “foreign investor”.

The legal lesson of the Davos ritual is clear: a world population without national sovereignty, economic independence and personal dignity, reformed into an impersonal mass of cattle marked with a micro-chip instead of a stamp, whose consciousness is only a computer input-output of information controlled via a global DARPA network. in the “clouds” of cloud technology.