The Anonymous Revolution

The Anonymous Revolution

First time published:  September 4, 2015 

“No one can give you freedom, nor equality and justice – if you are human you will take it” – Malcolm X

  • People are born free, with the rights guaranteed by the Constitution, which states that we are all equal – theoretically.
  • The harsh reality of the EC landfill has reduced human rights to the exclusive privilege of the regime elite and minority groups, to the detriment of everyone else.

The Anonymous Revolution

Totalitarian regimes of the dictatorial type see their greatest enemy in freedom of speech, opinion and public assembly. Serbia’s transparent transition to the personal wing of Vučić’s clan was accompanied by the “reform” of the police into a private Gestapo of the ruling political party.

The arrests and beatings of independent journalists were followed by a ban on protests against the regime. Not only (real) opposition parties, but also duly registered Student protests are banned from public gatherings – guaranteed by the Constitution in the same way as freedom of speech and opinion. Nazism treats any disagreement with the “leader” as treason, and freedom of speech as a serious crime.

Recognition of dictatorship and slavery

Totalitarianism is based on the centralized power of a pyramidal structure – under absolute power in the hands of a small group of people. The three basic pillars of power are:

  • collective mind control (mainstream media, education, religious, party or religious manipulations)
  • control of household money (state monopoly on finances and their consumption, public sector salaries, budget donations, taxes and fees)
  • monopoly on violence (use of repressive policy enforcement mechanism, keeping the population in a state of fear of abuse of the judiciary and media)

With its integration into globalist trends, followed by the implementation of the interests of foreign countries instead of its own, the state apparatus became its owner from the service of the people. All citizens became state property, with children turned into laboratory rats of the pharmaceutical lobby of the pharmaceutical mafia.

Citizens live in the illusion that their children, houses and property are really theirs – the reality of the new EU laws teaches us that children, houses and property are the property of the state. The legal lesson of totalitarianism to seemingly free citizens is that they are only state property, without any rights – including freedom of opinion and speech.

“The best way of totalitarian control of the population is to take away their freedoms piece by piece, by imperceptibly violating rights and privacy in a way that the majority will not notice – until it is too late” – Adolf Hitler

Understanding the real reality – An Idea as a first step

According to the law of physics, every action provokes a reaction – including the dictatorship of a totalitarian regime. By understanding the true reality and its position, the Revolution as a sign of rebellion and the desire for freedom always begins with one NO!

The revolution begins when you say “NO” to those who, without any rights, claim not only to have all the power over us, but that we are their private property. The state mechanism is a tower of cards, the drawing of which destroys the system on its own.

The Anonymous Revolution is not bullets and bombs, but the idea of ​​Freedom and the destruction of lies and illusions on which the system rests. The illusion of omnipotence and knowledge of the regime is visible not only in the lack of any results, but also in their nebulous statements they give to the media.

The factual situation is that none of them – apart from politics, has any results behind them, often not even a day of work experience. A bunch of incompetent parasites with forged diplomas, whose “expertise” comes down to making false promises, followed by expert phrases such as “airplane” or “sinEopsis”

The most painful blow to professional liars is to tell the truth to the public – whether through internet presentations, social networks or live in their society. Exposing their past, lies, deceptions and crimes systematically destroys their aura of “power”, presenting them to the public in the right light.

Disobedience method – Just Say “NO” principle as a second step

The strategy of constant disagreement implies spite as the main weapon of non-violent resistance to totalitarianism. Each of their orders “paradise” must get a clear and loud NO!

We will fulfill everything that the EU asks of us – NO
populate Serbia with illegal immigrants from Africa and Asia – NO
your children are not yours, but state – NO
have to be vaccinated violently – NO
vote for us in elections – NO
we will give state land to tycoons – NO
we will make changes to the Constitution – NO

I think you understand the basic pattern of functioning – they have NO legitimacy over us, nor are we their property, nor are we servants of the “Grand Vizier from Chipuljic”. They are the occupying power installed by NATO in order to finish the surviving remnants of the aggression – and we should treat them as such.

The regime’s disobedience hurts the most where they are most sensitive – in money, because of which they sold Serbia. The modus operandi of totalitarian, dictatorial regimes is the looting of other people’s property – for the sake of one’s personal interest, or the profit of an interest group that finances politicians.

The so-called “state money”, with which the regime is loosely scattered, was not brought from Čipuljić, Sarajevo or Tuzla – it is about the money of the citizens of Serbia as taxpayers. It is about money stolen through taxes, fees, excises and customs duties on everything possible, even on the impossible: a tax on RTS that no one watches, but everyone will have to pay.

Everything in Serbia is financed with Serbian money – except Serbs. The so-called “foreign investors” are companies that are financed with money from the budget filled by citizens, € 10,000 per employee, who will work for € 200 per month. Serbia’s strategic interest is not the construction of a Jamahiriya on the water, nor the highway to the Shiptars, nor the settlement of illegals in the African and Middle Eastern regions.

With the exception of the state sector and – through budget donations from privileged companies, the citizens of Serbia do not benefit from the full budget. Factories are not opened, the population is not employed, agrarians are not subsidized – which was intentionally destroyed in order for “deserted Serbian villages” to be settled by Islamists.

Due to confiscation (movable or immovable) of property – non-payment of taxes, bills and fees is not the solution, but attention should be paid to spending and purchases. The first proposed step is the so-called “Barter” economy – known in our country as a direct exchange of goods or services without money transactions. By buying food directly from the peasant, you will not only help him financially and by consuming healthy food for yourself – you will also “tear off” the state.

The next logical step is to withdraw money from bank accounts, which is also recommended due to the coming collapse of the world economy. Greece and Cyprus are good examples when money cannot be withdrawn from a bank or ATM.

The reduction of money transactions with the withdrawal of money from banks, inevitably leads to a drastic decline in government revenue. Thus, not only their “power” to manage our lives is weakened, but also the mechanism of repression by which the population is kept in obedience.

With the strategy of constant disobedience to the regime, we will set an example to others, which will further weaken the chain of command of totalitarianism. Chronic “NO” every time, not only when it is necessary, but when the opportunity arises – it will spread like a virus among others, destroying the image of omnipotence. The weaker they are – the stronger we are.

Psychological weapons – the third step of the non-violent revolution

Revolution as a path is not one big leap, but a lot of small steps made towards Freedom. It is better to start with small, seemingly not so important – but successful moves that will build self-confidence. The elimination of the monopoly on violence is a key element in depriving the totalitarian regime of its last strength.

Revolutions in bloodshed do not bring freedom, but even greater tyranny and dictatorship, and as such are not the goal, just as violence is not the solution. Violent demonstrations and demolition will only serve the regime as an excuse for even greater repression of the population.

The monopoly by force is the privilege of the Army and the Police – as a repressive mechanism of a totalitarian state, but neither soldiers nor policemen are our enemies. Members of the Army and Police are our fellow citizens, our neighbors and friends whose families also live in this weird imitation of the state together with us.

In addition to all their shortcomings, the largest number of members of the Army and Police are honest, honorable, family people, who as such – having in mind not only their own, but also the interest and future of their families – will be much closer to us than to the regime.

It is impossible to pull the army and the police out of the jaws of the totalitarian regime with one brilliant maneuver. The process involves fighting for each individual individually – a friendly informal conversation over coffee can have a greater impact than the stupidity of throwing a “Molotov cocktail” on a patrol car.

Leader and Goal

The Anonymous Revolution as a struggle for Freedom and real human and civil rights is not a “battle” for seats and board membership. Freedom is the greatest reward of the Revolution, and it is not measured by money.

The state system is based on the command structure of the pyramid, with people reduced to either perpetrators – or victims of the dictator’s mindless orders. Such a system allows a small number of people totalitarian control of the entire population. Sociology recognizes such a system as vertical collectivism.

The original idea of ​​democracy is the rule of the people – decentralization of power, with the participation of the individual in the exercise of power. There is no leader in the revolution, there are only leaders in terms of leaders, creators and motivators who go ahead of others.

A great “leader” is not needed, the goal is a large group of leaders, who will lead others by their example, work and deed. The change of society and system begins with the change of the individual himself, who will pull others with him. It is easy to manipulate and abuse trust with a hierarchical structure, but it becomes impossible for a group of conscious individuals.

The organizational structure is based on the association of equals, guided by the same idea – instead of the machinery of the obedient. The network of conscious individuals, capable of thinking with their head, is more powerful than any army. Organization and association is done in synchrony by promoting the idea on the Internet, as well as in real life. United not by blind obedience to the “leader” and the system – but by a common idea of ​​freedom.

This way of functioning brings certain problems of a logistical nature, but it has the great advantage of the impossibility of manipulating the masses with the help of a couple of compromised “leaders”. Like freedom, leaders should not wait as a donation, leaders do not pretend – become one yourself.

  • The ultimate goal is promised and guaranteed, but – denied rights:
  • all citizens must have the same rights before the Constitution and the Law
  • the right to defend one’s life, family, property, freedom of opinion and assembly
  • the privacy of citizens to live in a free and open society
  • freedom to share information and communication without prohibition, censorship and illegal surveillance
  • the right to organize one’s own associations without harassment by already existing, privileged institutions

There is only one obligation:

  • it is the duty of every citizen to take action and strive to maintain a free, open and equal society

“All human beings are created equal, with inalienable rights to life, property, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – if any form of government becomes an obstacle to achieving these goals” – Declaration